August's Adventures

In August I took 857 photos, my lowest monthly number yet for this year. I poster 112 photos to social media. As of today I have 104 days left of this daily photo challenge. I remember thinking that 100 was so amazing when I hit that in the spring. Now, I feel like 104 is so small. Its so close to over. For now, I feel like I will continue to atleast take a photo a day after the challenge is over. But, things change so who knows how I will actually feel about that idea on new years day. It has become a bit of a habit now, so I'm hoping that I will continue with it.

August was a pretty good month. Here's the roundup, enjoy!


Thirty, not flirty, sort of thriving?

My birthday is in July. This year it was 30. Anyone remember 13 Going on 30? I don't remember much except the "30, flirty, and thriving!" mantra that was repeated before the character magically morphed into a 30 year old. And I think (could be wrong, but thats ok because I like my version of the memory) she shortly realized that being an adult is not all its cracked up to be.
I did have a great birthday weekend, went camping with my family at Open Creek Dam west of Rimbey, my favourite campground.

In July I took 1872 photos.
I posted 155 on social media between flickr, my instagram, my dogs instagram, and facebook.

I distilled my photographic theory this month. I did this by scrolling through my albums from this year, and stopping to write down a few keywords that came up when photos jumped out at me as favourites. I narrowed this down to a few key ideas: Lens flare (I know its cliche, I don't care, I love it. #JJAbramsIsMyHero), simplicity, worms-eye-view. At this point, my portfolio is not all that focused, so these features are not as common as I'd like. However, these are key ideas I'm trying to keep in mind while shooting now, so that I can hopefully focus my style a little more. 

I tried a couple of long exposures in Canmore with my ND4 filter, that was fun, but not dark enough. As soon as I got my birthday money I ran off to McBain in Red Deer to pick myself up an ND3-400 variable. I've only had a chance to play around with it once so far, but hopefully I'll be able to get in a few more practice sessions with it before the end of August.

I also did a photoshoot with a girl and her horse in July, that was fun, they were adorable. I may post a separate blog with some more of the shots from that later.

I also decided towards the end of July that I should start taking photos of the open fields around my town that I know will be up for development soon. I have started to document that. I've dug up old photos, from my brother and from old photo albums, and I'll be doing a post soon featuring then/now. I've gone an retaken several of the shots already, and I'll keep adding to that project as I find more old stuff in the archives.

I've also decided that if there is interest in prints of my photos, I'd be happy to sell prints to most of them. Feel free to contact me through the contact page here on my site, or on any of the social media accounts I have, listed below. And on that note, here is the 155 photos from my adventures in July. 


The June Roundup

June was a great month for photography. So many flowers, so many great sunsets, such beautiful weather, amazing clouds. This has been a great summer so far, even in spite of the amount of rain we've had so far in July. 

My birthday is this month, I'll be 30 this year. Naturally I'm going camping with my family, out of cell service for several days around my birthday. 

In June I shot 2167 photos total.
I posted 141 to my website and flickr, and a few less to instagram and facebook.

Sometime in June I started a project that I'll be turning into a time lapse when I finish it up. I've been taking a picture of City Hall Park in Red Deer every week since they started planting the flower beds. It will be interesting to see how the flowerbeds change over the course of the season.

I'm halfway through this 366 challenge, and its become more than just a habit now. Its like a compulsion, I cannot go to bed without taking and sharing atleast 1 photo every day. I'm thinking now that I would like to just continue this past the end of the year because it brings me a little bit of happiness and sanity every day.

Here's the gallery from June, enjoy!


May Flowers

In May I shot 2388 photos. I posted about 160 to social media: Flickr, Instagram I or II, or Facebook.

It was a fun month, I got to do a great yoga shoot with my good friend Stephanie Staniforth, an awesome yoga instructor in Calgary. 

The weather was great all month. 

I subscribed to and started watching Sue Bryce's the 28 Days of Portrait Photography series on, a great site! Its been incredibly insightful, I'm really enjoying it so far.

Here's a gallery of the 160 I posted over the course of May 2016.


April: No Showers, some flowers.

Spring came bloody early this year in Alberta. Not much Rain. Forest fire season seems to be in full swing already with huge devastation already in just the Fort McMurray area, the whole town was evacuated. Insane, and so sad.

Flickr says I posted 78 photos in April.
Lightroom says I took 2647 photos.

Here's the ones that got posted to Flickr and my personal Instagram, or my dog's Instagram...


366 Photo Challenge: March 2016

I don't have quite as accurate statistics for March since I'm a little late posting and don't feel like tracking everything down right now.

In total I took 1133 photos in March, 75 photos posted to my Flickr account, probably about 65 posted to Instagram.

And here is the gallery for the month, I'm hoping to get the April gallery up soon as well, enjoy!


1800 photos in a month...

Photo-A-Day Stats: February 2016
1851 photos taken (965 more than last month)
124 photos posted (on Flickr, Instagram was curated more strictly. 29 more than January)
0 iPhone photos (on Flickr, theres a few iphone snaps on instagram, not counted towards this)

I spent more time shooting with flash in February due to the limited daylight. I set up space in my place to do portrait photography, complete with a curtain rod on which to hang my maternity shoot fabrics, which also now double as backdrops. I did two organized shoots with, with one of my good friends, and then with my sister in law. I learned a lot about working with my flash this month, as well as trying out my strobe with the softbox on it. 

I'm not anticipating this same kind of growth in numbers for the rest of the year, but we'll see. I'll have to make a graph at the end of the year and see how I trended.

I'm on day 63 now. Happy to keep going so far. Last year when I tried this I only got to 24 days, so I'm a little more optimistic about my results this year. Again, I think the underlying positive trend this time is that I'm taking and posting the photos that I like, instead of trying to take "crowd-pleaser" photos. 

I'm having fun so far. I think I'm learning a fair bit as I go as well. Enjoy the gallery, its a bit long this month!